This is a group of four Board Certified Surgeons with a total experience of over ninety years in surgery. They have a very pleasant personalities and their main concern is the welfare of their patients. The Practice is covered 24/7. Being general surgeons they do a variety of surgery, the list below does not cover every thing they do,but it demonstrates a wide area of their expertise:

This surgery was pioneered by Dr. Goussous in the Capital District. All members of the group perform a variety of laparoscopic procedures for gallbladder, appendix, and hernia repair, as well asa for other diagnostic purposes.

The group performs every type of breast surgery, including excision of breast masses and cyst aspiration. They perform breast cancer surgery which includes lumpectomy, sentinel lymph node and mammosite insertion. Mammosite involves the latest technique utilized for short-term radiation therapy. If there is a need for mastectomy, the group performs this procedure also.
This type of surgery involves stomach, liver, and pancreatic surgery. The surgeons are experts in the surgery of the large intestine whether it involves cancer or diverticulitis. Surgery for small bowel obstruction due to adhesions or internal hernias or other issues is also performed. The group of surgeons also repair large hernias of the abdominal wall, which require reconstruction with biological mesh.
Many other procedures not listed include cysts, hemorrhoids, fissures, lipomas, etc.
*** There are many other procedures that are not listed, do not hesitate to ask us. You should always make an informed decision about your health.
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